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Since 2001, Dr. Astrea has been guiding people to heal themselves 

through developing a deeper understanding of their

bodies, behaviors, and lifestyle choices.

Dr. Astrea is a Functional Wellness Consultant,

Doctor of Chiropractor, & Medical Intuitive, &

all services and products of Studio 88 are designed to

functionally assess, heal, & educate.


If your case is accepted by Dr. Astrea,

your wellness journey may include...

Genetic profile testing, Targeted Metabolic Testing, Visceral Reflex Analysis,

Functional Nutrition Analysis, Spiritual  Coaching, 

Functional Supplementation, Quantum Medicine Healing,

Craniosacral Therapy & Dimensional-Neuro Technique...

Dr. Astrea champions in balancing the nervous, endocrine,

digestive, and immune systems.

To do this, she uses food as your first medicine,

and incorporates high-vibe nutrients and subtle healing techniques.

The aim is to remove stressors at the roots, replenish resources, nourish cells,

and align the autonomic nervous system.

Wellness is a slow brew to wholeness and

is a perpetual journey of course corrections.

Incorporating Dr. Astrea's teachings has shown to deliver a benefit with

Immune system regulation, Digestive system issues, 

Migraines, Detoxification, Fatigue, Inflammation,

Stress Reduction, Thyroid & Adrenal issues, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes,

Insomnia, Memory & Focus, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, & Major Depression Disorder.

Wellness is a journey to peace...

True healing only comes when we consciously create it... 



The Studio Service Menu

  • Initial Consultation

    1 hr

    111 US dollars
  • Functional Nutrition Consultation

    1 hr

    133 US dollars
  • Personal Wellness

    30 min

    44 US dollars

Your First Step
Discover for yourself if Dr. Astrea
can help change your health momentum.
Click the "Free Functional Health Consultation" link
to begin your journey
or send an email to studio88wellness@proto
After reviewing the information you provide,
If Dr. Astrea accepts your case,
she will email
 you with the next steps.


Dr. Theresa Astrea

126 E Pitt St, Ste 4

Bedford, PA USA

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