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The World Needs This...

My Approach....

Since 2001, I’ve been helping my clients find their optimal wellness

through developing a deeper understanding of their

bodies, behaviors, and lifestyle choices.

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractor,

& Wellness Consultant,

I guide you back to balance of the body and mind.

At Studio 88, the services are designed with wellness in mind. All services assess the core clinical imbalance and focus on the reduction of stressors of the autonomic nervous system and promote nourishment.


As a patient at Studio 88, you will learn ways to

resource, repair, replenish, and protect all cells and tissues of the body. 

Each walk to wellness begins with a free Coffee-Talk consultation

and a complimentary Wayz to Wellness Workshop.

If you qualify as a Patient44 of Studio 88,

you may receive ...

General Recommendations,

Visceral Reflex Analysis,

Access to Physician-Grade Products,

Craniosacral Therapy,

Wellness Coaching,

Free Wellness Workshops

and more ...


For a more profound and individualized approach to wellness,

you may qualify as a Patient88 of Studio 88.

If your case is accepted,

you can receive ...

Targeted Metabolic Testing,

Blood work order & review,

Visceral Reflex Analysis,

Functional Nutrition Analysis,

Wellness Coaching, 

Specific Physician-grade Supplements & Products,

Craniosacral Therapy,

Dimensional Neuro Technique,

Instrument-assisted Chiropractic Adjustments, 

 Individual Wellness Workshops,

Advanced Wellness Courses and more ... 

On your path to wellness, you can experience a benefit with

The Immune System,

The Digestive System,

Hormone Imbalance,



Lyme's Disease,



Stress Reduction,

Thyroid & Adrenal issues,


Memory & Focus,

& Anxiety & Depression.

Call to schedule your free Coffee-Talk or Wellness Workshop today.